Want to test Snowpack?

FreeSnow is the free version of Snowpack. Let’s replace your current VPN with the new generation of anonymization tool and start to become invisible.

Install it and register directly in the app to get your free account

Any trouble ? Check our User Guide.

What is FreeSnow for?​

Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fis can be used to track you or even modify your data

Traveling abroad

Don't let other countries' settings bother you, get localized at home

Intelligence & Investigations

Find sensitive information without a trace


Stream from wherever you want and avoid geoblocking


Shop with the best prices (airplane tickets, etc.)

Counter censorship

Bypass banned content blocked for bad reasons

We offer a Free version of Snowpack for 2 reasons:
  1. We need users and data on our Overlay Network to provide the best privacy and security (obfuscation increases thanks to users’ traffic).
  2. We want Snowpack to be known worldwide.
With FreeSnow, you are not the product, we don’t sell your data to anyone. You are helping provide invisibility on our Network. Our revenues come from the paid Plans.