Want to buy Snowpack?

OneSnow is at only 9€/month with 10 GB/day of data and a very strong protection. Let’s replace your current VPN with the new generation of anonymization tool and start to become invisible.

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What is OneSnow for?

Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fis can be used to track you or even modify your data

Traveling abroad

Don't let other countries' settings bother you, get localized at home

Intelligence & Investigations

Find sensitive information without a trace


Stream from wherever you want and avoid geoblocking


Shop with the best prices (airplane tickets, etc.)

Counter censorship

Bypass banned content blocked for bad reasons

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Logs are done by Snowpack, and it exists with OneSnow a capacity from you ISP (and State) to intercept your data but you can activate your noise generator to mask your meaningful data on a larger volume of noise coming from your devices (careful, it will use your daily volume and can create some upload and download problems if the data flow is too high).