Start accessing Snowpack Network Overlay (SNO) and Become Invisible.

SNO is a network of servers (or nodes) connected worldwide and relaying your data and communications to the desired exit point.

SNO avoids Identification, Geolocalization, and Data Interception. 

It can be used for the following purposes.

Public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fis can be used to track you or even modify your data

Traveling abroad

Don't let other countries' settings bother you, get localized at home

Darkweb Access

Access privately and securely the dangerous places of the Web

Intelligence & Investigations

Find sensitive information without a trace

(All Plans for normal web, DarkSnow and EnterpriseSnow only for the DarkWeb)


Stream from wherever you want and avoid geoblocking


Shop with the best prices (airplane tickets, etc.)

Hidden services

Deploy online services only for authorized users

Cloud provider connection

Connect to your data in the cloud privately and securely

Data Exchange

Exchange data between different Users or Sites

Secure update

Secure upgrades for your customers without risks

Counter censorship

Bypass banned content blocked for bad reasons


Use our infrastucture to test any app from where you want

Multi-Cloud Storage
(feature to come)

Store privately your data in your preferred clouds and be sure nobody, even the cloud providers, can see it

Anonymous Data Sharing across competitors
(feature to come)

Exchange data with your competitors while preserving your image

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/ Month

Reduce your Internet exposure.
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True custom privacy all day for Individuals


/ Month

IaaS for Pentesters and RedTeam

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Darknet privacy for Investigators, Cyber Experts, Economic Intelligence

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Total Invisibility for Companies and  Governments