Want to buy Snowpack?

Our EnterpriseSnow is the most secure plan. We have different options and capabilities. Either deploy Snowpack inside your company or become a partner and develop your solution over Snowpack.

I want to deploy Snowpack in my company

When you buy a cybersecurity solution you become dependent on this provider and you become vulnerable to:

  • Your provider compromission (internal threat, penetration…)
  • State(s) injunctions to your provider

Deploying SNO as an underlay will create an independence layer turning your traffic invisible to eavesdroppers having gain privilege accesses and rights with your provider.

SNO deployment will consist on the installation of different components depending on your infrastucture:

  • Connectors (our client software) to your devices and your users’s devices for remote uses
  • Gate software connected to your gateways in your offices
  • Node software where you embark your servers into the Snowpack Network Overlay to be fully invisible
  • Ring application where you can anonymously and securely exchange information with qualified partners (CERT – Cyber)

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I want to become a partner

As a cybersecurity provider (developer, integrator, service provider), you are required to spend time obtaining certifications to prove the quality of your software. Typically, those certifications are country dependent and require that your customer trust that country.

Embed ProSnow invisibility to your application and services and offer Beyond-trust security and independence to your clients:

  • Prevent targeted attacks
  • Increase security of your E2EE schemes
  • Hide your clients attack surface

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