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SĂ©bastien Groyer

8 August 2023
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16 May 2024
Snowpack at Europe Deeptech Meetup🚀
We are taking part in EuropeDeeptechMeetup, an event where future champions meet European investors to seek pre-Seed, seed or Series A funding in the Sustainability, Healthcare, Digital and Industry sectors.  🚀 Europe’s Deeptech Meetup is: ✅An unmissable matchmaking event between 50…
2 May 2024
Europe's Deeptech Meetup🚀 & Viva Technology 2024đŸ’»
Vivatech2024 is coming soon and it will be with Snowpack! Join the snow team at Europe’s biggest event dedicated to start-ups and technology! đŸš€đŸ’» On the program to start the festivities! We’re delighted to announce that Snowpack has been selected…
30 April 2024
Cyber Coffee : The point of view of Frederic LAURENT🎙
A sofa, an expert & a Coffee! ☕ It happened!! The entire second episode of Erium‘s Cyber coffee is here !!! 🙏 FrĂ©dĂ©ric Laurent talk about RSSi challenges, industrial cooperation, the role of Europe and much more! We won’t tell…
25 April 2024
See you in Brussels for CyberSec Europe 2024! 🚅
We’re proud to announce our presence at Cybersec Europe 2024, the event for IT security, data management and cloud solutions. Join us in the European Cyber Village of our partner CYBERXPERT (Booth 05.A070 – Europe Cyber Village) 🎉 with our…
23 April 2024
Snowpack & CYSAT Paris 2024
Snowpack is increasingly involved in the Space ecosystem 🚀! We are convinced of the importance of Cyber issues in this universe. That’s why we’ll be at CYSAT, Europe’s biggest event dedicated to cybersecurity for the space industry! To our friends…
16 April 2024
Maddyness talk about us —
“With 330,000 cyberattacks against SMEs expected by 2023, Snowpack has been awarded the Next Innov by Banque Populaire Val de France prize. The startup offers a security device that makes data and systems completely invisible. ” Thank you Maddyness for…
11 April 2024
S&D Magazine talk about us —
“The future of cybersecurity lies in innovation“. That’s the title of this article from S&D Magazine 📰 published on the occasion of the Forum InCyber Europe (FIC). An opportunity for our Deputy Managing Director Olivier Morel to talk about Snowpack…
9 April 2024
Snowpack won the Next Innov Prize - the Innovative Companies Prize 🎉
🚀 We’re proud to have won the Next Innov Prize – the Innovative Companies Prize 🎉 organized by Groupe Banque Populaire and Maddyness . The Next Innov prize rewards startups that contribute to helping French companies by developing innovative solutions…
5 April 2024
Snowpack needs you : Go to Channel competition ! ✊
We are lucky enough to be part of the Go to Channel competition again for the 4th edition 2024! đŸ„‡ Indeed, we are among the 20 innovative BtoB startups 2024 selected by myFrenchStartup, Le Monde Informatique & Distributique . With the support of IT…
4 April 2024
Listen the last Interview of Olivier MOREL on BSMART 🗣
A look back at the Forum InCyber Europe (FIC) 2024 ! 🛡 Didn’t get a chance to meet us at this event? đŸ€” Come and fill up on information by listening to the interview with our Deputy General Manager Olivier…