Turnkey solution to make your sensitive web services invisible from hackers

Webservices & Backend Cloaking
Do not let your web services and backend applications directly visible & accessible over Internet.
Invulnerable Key Exchanges
Connect to your webservices while preventing Man-In-The-Middle attack on your connections, in particular while setting crypto keys.
Concealed IP Address(es)
No need to disclose the public IP of your web services, nor to have any open ports. Thus, you cannot be scanned anymore or DDoS.
Hardware & Software Independence
Prevent exploitation of backend & libraries vulnerabilities, you neutralize your system from your external dependencies.
use cases.
Openbanking Payment
Let your users connect their account without any interception risk
Cloud & Webservice Security
Deploy invisible services and cloak your system from foreign eyes
Dashboards Security
Control access to your sensitive dashboards without disclosing your user list
Backend Cloaking
Stop broadcasting the IP addresses of your backend to users

Invisible Services secures websites, webservices & communities. It transparently hides the attack surface of the services’ infrastructure from anyone, including users.

The backend becomes totally invisible: the services’ IP addresses are not advertised and remain hence unknown.

Moreover, servers cannot be scanned, leave no open port and become therefore immune to any external intrusion or DdoS.

Finally, Snowpack’s layer prevents potential libraries vulnerabilities to be exploited as they are not directly accessible.

If you’d like to go even further, for example, by integrating the Snowpack layer into your own IS, take a look at our Invisible Infra.

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Invisible Access

Access Internet without any trace

Browse Clear, Deep & Darkweb truly anonymously & without any trusted third party.

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Invisible Infra

Hide your company’s attack surface

Cloak your endpoints & data-in-transit from hackers and prevent vulnerabilities & traces exploitation

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Embed our tech in your apps & services and make your users independent

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