Privacy Policy

We want you to understand what information we collect, what we don’t collect and how we collect, use and store information.

DarkSnow and ProSnow main principle

We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries if your Plan is DarkSnow or ProSnow. In that case, you will be sole responsible to provide logs and data to the competent jurisdictions. With these plans, we also never store connection logs, meaning no logs of your IP address, your outgoing Snowpack Servers addresses, connection timestamp, or session duration. Our KYC process will cover in detail the DarkSnow and ProSnow Plans to ensure an ethical use of Snowpack. The rest of the Privacy Policy only applies to users of FreeSnow and OneSnow.

FreeSnow and OneSnow main principle

Snowpack Invisibility Services are so powerful that they can be used for criminal activities without any capability to trace them. Snowpack does not accept this possible use of its Services and will then log your activities under your FreeSnow and OneSnow. We do and will collect logs of your activity, including logging of your Snowpack browsing activity, traffic destination, and DNS queries if your Plan is FreeSnow or OneSnow. In that case, we will be able to provide logs and data to the competent jurisdictions if Snowpack is legally requested to do so. We will also store connection logs (i.e. your IP address, your outgoing Snowpack Servers addresses, connection timestamp, or session duration, in this case). It will be possible for you to check in real-time the content of your logs, as a transparency feature.

Our guiding principle toward data collection is to collect only the minimal data required to operate a world-class Invisibility Service at scale. We designed our systems to not have sensitive data about our customers and never be able to see any data in the most advanced Plans; even when compelled, we cannot provide data that we do not possess.

This privacy policy will help you understand how Snowpack SAS (“Snowpack“, “we“, “our“, “us“) collects, uses, and stores information.

General Information

Snowpack collects four types of information:

  1. Information related to your account (“personal information”)
    This information is collected for the purpose of administering your Snowpack subscription and includes your name, email address, and payment information, which you submit on our order page when you subscribe for the Services.

  2. Aggregate Apps and Snowpack connection summary statistics
    Snowpack collects minimal information about usage in order to maintain excellent customer support and quality of service. These statistics include with FreeSnow or OneSnow Plans: destinations of traffic, DNS queries, and IP addresses.

  3. (User-controlled option): Anonymous app diagnostics, including crash reports
    App diagnostic data, which include crash reports, usability diagnostics, and connection diagnostics, are anonymized and cannot be tied back to individual Snowpack users. This feature is similar to a “send bug report” option. Users can specify in the settings menu of any Snowpack App whether to send these data to us.

Personal Information

Snowpack collects personal information that you provide to us directly through the Site. We require that you provide personal information, such as an email address and payment information, in order to establish a Snowpack account, and so that we can email you, collect payments from you, and respond to support queries that you initiate. The specific information collected varies depending on the payment method you choose.

With some forms of payment, the Site may redirect you to the website of a third-party payment processor (namely Stripe) to complete the transaction. To understand what personal information these processors collect and store, please refer to the respective processor’s terms and privacy policy.

Snowpack uses your email address for the following reasons:

  • To send emails related to payment
  • To provide links to our Site, including password reset emails.
  • To send you updates and announcements.
  • To communicate with you about your services or respond to your communications.
  • To send marketing information, such as Snowpack offers, surveys, invitations, and content about other matters in connection with Snowpack (“Marketing emails“). You may choose to not receive Marketing emails by following the opt-out procedure described in these emails.

Snowpack uses your personal information only for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy, and we do not sell your personal information to third parties. The preceding terms do not preclude the transfer of data, in the event that Snowpack is acquired by, or merged with, a third-party entity, to such entity (to be newly created for the purpose of operating the Snowpack business) and its wholly owned subsidiaries/related entities, for legitimate interest, while ensuring at all times the same standards of protection.

Aggregate Apps and Connection Summary Statistics

In order to maintain excellent customer support and quality of service, Snowpack collects the following information related to your usage:
  • Apps and Apps versions
    We collect information related to which Apps and Apps version(s) you have activated. Knowing your current version of the Apps allows our Support Team to troubleshoot technical issues with you. 
  • Successful connection
    We collect information about whether you have successfully established a connection on a particular day, to which server location, and from which country/ISP. This information assists us in providing technical support, such as identifying connection problems, providing country-specific advice about how to best use our Service, and to enable Snowpack engineers to identify and fix network issues.
  • Aggregate sum of data transferred (in MB)
    We collect information regarding the total sum of data transferred by a given user.


We collect minimal usage statistics to maintain our quality of service. We may know, for example, that our customer John had connected to our New York location on Tuesday and had transferred an aggregate of 823 MB of data across a 24-hour period.

We’ve engineered our systems to categorically eliminate storage of sensitive data. We may know THAT a customer has used Snowpack, but we never know HOW they have used our Service. We stand by our firm commitment to our customers’ privacy by not possessing any data related to a user’s online activities.

Anonymous App Diagnostics, including Crash Reports (can be turned off by the user)

With your permission, we collect anonymized app diagnostic data, which include crash reports, usability diagnostics, and connection diagnostics, using Snowpack to create even more anonymity. We use these data in our network operations tools to help optimize network speeds and to let us identify problems and areas for improvement related to specific apps, servers, or ISPs. The information we receive is fully anonymized and cannot be tied back to individual Snowpack users (i.e., we do not store which user sent which data, and we do not store user IP addresses). If you opt in to share this information with Snowpack, we will collect the following anonymized information:

  • Diagnostic information about if and how a connection attempt failed.
  • Speed test data.
  • App diagnostics, including crash reports and usability diagnostics, also without any personally identifiable information.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Snowpack’s core mission is to keep your information private and secure. In service of this mission, Snowpack’s headquarters and registered place of business is in France. 

Should we receive a valid legal order from the relevant national court, it is important to note that  Snowpack does not collect any IP addresses, browsing history or DNS queries that could be used to identify any specific user for the DarkSnow and ProSnow Plans, but does collect them for FreeSnow or OneSnow Plans.

Storing of Information Related to Emails

Snowpack keeps records of any correspondence, questions, complaints, or compliments you submit to us through our Site or Services, along with our response. Depending on how you contact Snowpack, we may collect your email address and any additional information you provide to us. Having full correspondence records enables our staff to provide the best possible customer support experience.

Security Measures to Protect Your Information

Snowpack uses best-in-class physical, procedural, and technical security with respect to our offices and information storage facilities to prevent any loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification of information. Access to user information is restricted to staff who require such access to perform their job functions.

While we believe these systems are robust, it is important to understand that no data security measures in the world can offer 100% protection.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file used to store information about your visit to the Site. Cookies let Snowpack optimize and improve the user experience of the Site by helping us deliver certain functionalities, such as website login and language settings. The cookies we use may vary over time as we continuously update and improve our Site.

Disabling cookies

You are free to change your cookie preferences at any time. You can do this in the settings panel for your browser. Depending on which browser and device you use, you may be able to control which cookies you allow, which cookies you want to block in the future, and delete cookies. For more information about these settings, please refer to the “help” section of your browser. Note that Snowpack’s Site may not work as intended if you choose to disable cookies.

Snowpack's cookies

The cookies set by Snowpack enable us to set your language preference, attribute visitors to a marketing channel, and, once you log in, securely show you information that is specific to your account. The cookies contain a user identifier, and do not track any activity outside of Snowpack’s domains.

Third-party cookies

Snowpack uses third-party services such as Google Analytics and Adwords. Cookies from such services are used to collect data for statistical reports. For example, we may generate reports regarding the amount of time users spend on the Site and the number of users who visit a particular page.

Snowpack uses Google AdWords remarketing to show advertisements on third-party websites (including Google) to users who have visited our Site. We may show such users advertisements on a Google search results page, or on a site in the Google Display Network.

Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to the Site. Any data collected will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Google’s privacy policy. Users may opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting the Google Advertising Opt-out Page. Users may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics Opt-out Page. Users may opt out of third-party vendor use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative Opt-out Page

Third-Party Websites

The Site may contain links to external websites that do not fall under Snowpack’s domain. Snowpack is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such external websites.

Consent and Age Restrictions

By using the Site, Content, Apps, Software, or Services, you agree to have your information handled as described in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The Services are intended for adults aged 18 and above. If you believe your child has provided information to us, please let us know immediately.

Users in the European Union

Snowpack is committed to user privacy globally, and our existing practices reflect that through minimal collection of data and ensuring users have control over their personal information. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) requires us to outline those practices in a specific manner for users in the EU. In line with the GDPR, we collect and process the data outlined in this Privacy Policy on one of the following bases, depending on the circumstances:

  • For the purposes of fulfilling our contractual obligations to users, including:
    • Providing users with the Services and Apps they have requested.
    • Managing user subscriptions and processing payments.
    • Providing customer support.
  • For a legitimate interest associated with the operation of our business, including:
    • Enhancing the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of our Site, Services, and Apps.
    • Communicating with customers to provide information and seek feedback related to our Services and Apps.
  • With the consent of users, which users can withdraw at any time.

You can exercise your rights under the GDPR to access, transfer, correct, delete, or object to the processing of your personal information by contacting us at this email address:

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time, without prior notice to you, consistent with applicable privacy laws and principles. Your continued use of the Site or Services constitutes your acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

How to Contact Snowpack

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and how we handle your information, please feel free to contact Snowpack at the following email address:

Trust Rings

Create communities where users can anonymously share sensitive information

Pain point

Critical information like successful hacking can’t be shared publicly reinforcing hackers’ ability to repeat attacks. Therefore, how can organization share this type of information as required by NIS Directive while mitigating reputation and legal risks?


Snowpack can ensure full anonymization of certified users in a given ring as well as the security of the data shared. As a result, information can be shared while ensuring it only benefits to trusted partners.


Ensure anonymity of the users in a closed-community

Secure Enterprise reputation whilst disclosing sensitive information that benefit to the entire community.


Counterbalance MPLS business erosion and create SD-WAN based opportunities

Pain point

Driven by Cloud adoption, SD-WAN rise completely disrupts legacy MPLS business forcing telecom providers to massively decrease price. Therefore, how can they protect their revenue base and transform SD-WAN revolution into an opportunity?


Snowpack provides a much higher level of security than traditional MPLS based encryption. By implementing Snowpack on their internet offers, Telecom providers can prevent customer churn and win new business with new added-value offers.


Create new highly secured internet-based offers

Avoid existing customer loss

Cybersecurity providers

Guarantee customers their data remains safe even if infrastructure is hacked

Pain point

Even the best cybersecurity solution can be hacked (VPN, hardware, software compromission). Therefore, how can data safety be fully ensured?


Hiding Snowflakes into trillions of other similar Snowflakes, makes impossible for hackers to reconstitute original data. Even within a compromised infrastructure customer data is secured.


Data invulnerability

New business opportunity for cybersecurity providers

Energy - IoT

Protect electric meters from hacking

Pain point

Energy providers and suppliers develop everyday new IoT based solutions to seduce their customers. Therefore, how can they defend those devices against hacking?


Snowpack makes devices invisible. Once an IoT device can’t be accessed nor found, it is impossible to hack it.


Protect country critical assets

Secure customer data integrity and prevent national regulators fines

Oil & Gas

Digital oil field

Pain point

Oil field are complex to manage and need to send massive data to HQ supercomputer in order to efficiently manage the fields and make the best productions decision. If data is hacked or production streams are blocked, impacts are worth hundreds of millions. Therefore, how can Snowpack help secure Digital Oil Fields?


By deploying Snow Enterprise in oil fields, the data sent becomes immediately invisible even through internet. Data is secured, oil fields are protected.


Support preventing Colonial Pipeline like attacks.

Ensuring core Oil & Gas producer’s assets are secured


Strengthen infrastructure robustness by reducing attack surface

Pain point

With Cloud-based solutions rise, homeworking and the need for agility, Enterprises have massively increased entry points in their network, creating multiple hacking opportunities. Therefore, how can retail business protect themselves against this threat?


Snowflakes don’t carry sender and receiver information, nor they carry the routing path. Sender and receiver only know half of the routing circuits until the meet-me-point. Therefore, attack surface is hugely reduced, counter-balancing WAN entry points multiplicity.


Reduced attack surface

Better WAN protection


Protect Intellectual Property against piracy

Pain point

Manufacturing companies must implement capabilities everywhere in the world, including in countries where their IP can be hacked. Therefore, how can they grow their business whilst securing their Intellectual Property ?


Each Snowflake is unreadable as such. As a result, Enterprises can safely share their most critical data between HQ and remote countries: even if hackers look at it in the network, they won’t be able to read the data.


Intellectual Property secured

Safely develop business in attractive but unsecure markets

Industry R&D

Secure collaboration with key suppliers

Pain point

R&D investments cost Billions of Euros and require strong interactions with external partners. Therefore, how can an innovative company ensure their most sensitive projects or knowledge are not copied ?


Snowflake anonymity (no sender or receiver info specified on packets) ensure hackers can’t isolate traffic between 2 specific entities. Data exchange is secured as hackers can not identify traffic on IP networks.


Secured communication with external partners

Protection of share value impacting projects


Create competitive differentiation and drive business opportunities

Pain point

Each SI and consultancy firm work with similar equipment and solution providers. Therefore, how can a company differentiate from its competition?


With 4 years of R&D and 3 patents filed, Snowpack is bringing a new and unique solution to the market by leveraging both Security and Privacy. SIs and Consultancy firm can benefit from this innovation to propose new solutions to their customers.


Create specific USPs to stand out from the crowd

Up-sell on existing customers


Enable banks to industrialize IBAN fraud detection

Pain point

IBAN transfer fund fraud cost banks 250M€ / year in France only. Due to GDPR and bank secrecy, banks can’t share the fraudulent IBANs and protect themselves against fraud. Therefore, how can banks work together to reduce fraud?


Snowpack anonymization removes regulatory critical information and makes data compliant. This enables banks to create and share databases. Banks can check fraudulent known IBANs and create a new level of fraud protection.


Cost savings against fraud

Reputation preservation


Secure and enable critical communication in any kind of environment

Pain point

Defense organizations must be able to transfer critical data with absolute certainty they can never be identified. However, they can’t always control the environment they operate in. Therefore, how can these organizations provide secure communications wherever and whenever needed?


Thanks to its anonymization process, Snowpack ensures that both users’ identity and data shared are fully invisible even when information is sent using the most simple and remote internet connection available.


Allow anonymous communication anytime, anyhow, anywhere

Ensure full privacy and data security


Protect Smart Grid

Pain point

Smart Grid manage more and more critical activities of our economy. Paralyzing these core elements would massively impact companies and / or country operations. Therefore, how can Snowpack help to protect those assets?


Protecting smart grid access to public internet as well as any smart grid interconnection by making them invisible prevents hackers to step into the smart network.


OIVs compliance to regulation

Secure most critical states infrastructure