Our Mission at Snowpack is to protect our users’ digital Freedom. Snowpack has been created to provide complete invisibility to the most demanding users. Even Snowpack cannot see what our Pro users are doing. But it doesn’t mean we want our network and technology to be used for illegal and criminal activities. Ethical Invisibility, this is our objective.

By design, Snowpack makes you and your data invisible, hence unusable by any hacker, ISP or State. This is too strong of a property to leave it in the wrong hands.

We therefore decided to limit the level of invisibility for our FreeSnow and OneSnow plans, to stay on the right side of ethics and law. We log these plans and limit website accesses to avoid criminal use.
The two other plans, DarkSnow and ProSnow offer much better invisibility protection, up to full invisibility with a Snowpack Node, and are only accessible after a full strong KYC.

You can read our Terms of Services if you want to know the restrictions of our plans and our Privacy Policy.