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Snowpack announces its first Invisible Service

6 July 2023

They finally arrived!

You can now deploy your own Invisible Services using our Snowpack Network Overlay.👏


But why would you need an invisible service? 🤔

✅ Reduce your attack surface: no more open ports on your servers

✅ Increase filtering capabilities: only your customers are authorised to access the service

✅ Hide your customers: the network can no longer identify your customers based on their IP address, so passive monitoring becomes impossible: much easier for a SaaS model with sensitive customers

✅ Ultra-strengthen your protection of customer-service communications


💡Some ideas of services being rolled out:

🔅 Central server protection for IOT

🔅 Outsourced dashboard for sensitive customers

🔅 Anonymous trading platform

Ready to deploy your own Invisible Service!?